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Required tools for deploying Pulsar Helm Chart

Before deploying Pulsar to your Kubernetes cluster, there are some tools you must have installed locally.


kubectl is the tool that talks to the Kubernetes API. kubectl 1.14 or higher is required and it needs to be compatible with your cluster (+/- 1 minor release from your cluster).

To Install kubectl locally, follow the Kubernetes documentation.

The server version of kubectl cannot be obtained until we connect to a cluster.


Helm is the package manager for Kubernetes. The Apache Pulsar Helm Chart is tested and supported with Helm v3.

Get Helm

You can get Helm from the project's releases page, or follow other options under the official documentation of installing Helm.

Next steps

Once kubectl and Helm are configured, you can configure your Kubernetes cluster.

Additional information


Templating in Helm is done through Golang's text/template and sprig.

For more information about how all the inner workings behave, check these documents:

Tips and tricks

For additional information on developing with Helm, check tips and tricks section in the Helm repository.