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Admin setup

Each of the three admin interfaces (the pulsar-admin CLI tool, the REST API, and the Java admin API) requires some special setup if you have enabled authentication in your Pulsar instance.

If you have enabled authentication, you need to provide an auth configuration to use the pulsar-admin tool. By default, the configuration for the pulsar-admin tool is in the conf/client.conf file. The following are the available parameters:

webServiceUrlThe web URL for the cluster.http://localhost:8080/
brokerServiceUrlThe Pulsar protocol URL for the cluster.pulsar://localhost:6650/
authPluginThe authentication plugin.
authParamsThe authentication parameters for the cluster, as a comma-separated string.
useTlsWhether or not TLS authentication will be enforced in the cluster.false
tlsAllowInsecureConnectionAccept untrusted TLS certificate from client.false
tlsTrustCertsFilePathPath for the trusted TLS certificate file.