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Pulsar admin interfaces - Features

Below are the most common tasks you may want to do. For the exhaustive lists of tasks and the method to perform these tasks, see Tools.

Features of Pulsar admin APIs

These administrative tasks are categorized based on Pulsar components.

CategoryComponentsWhat do you want to do?
ServerBrokerOperations on brokers.

For example,
- Set dynamic configurations on brokers
- Run health checks against brokers
- Shutdown brokers
- Get broker-level stats metrics
StorageBookieOperations on bookie placement policy.

For example,
- Get or set bookie replacement policy
Entities- Topic

- Schema

- Namespace

- Tenant

- Cluster
Operations on topics, schemas, namespaces, tenants, or clusters.

For example,
- Create, update or delete topics, tenants, namespaces, or clusters
- Set isolation policies, configure offload thresholds, or set permissions for namespaces
- Upload, extract, or delete schemas
Stream processing

- Function

- Connector

- Transaction

- Package
Operations on functions, function workers, or connectors.
For example,
- Create, update, and delete functions or connectors
- Get stats of function workers, trigger rebalance of functions to workers

Operations on transactions.
For example,
- Get stats of transactions
- Update the scale of transaction coordinators

Operations on packages.
For example,
- Upload, download, and delete packages
Others- Proxy

- Resource groups

- Resource quotas
Operations on proxy stats.
For example,
- Get various monitoring metrics for proxy stats

Operations on resource groups.
For example,
- Create, update, and delete resource groups

Operations on resource quotas.
For example,
- Set resource quota for namespace bundles