All Classes and Interfaces

Allocator statistics.
Pool arena statistics.
Pool chunk list statistics.
Pool chunk statistics.
Pool subpage statistics.
Authorization action for Pulsar policies.
Configuration to aggregate various authentication params.
Authentication policies.
Basic definition of an auto-failover policy.
Factory to generate an instance of AutoFailoverPolicy.
The policy type of auto failover.
Override of autoSubscriptionCreation settings on a namespace level.
Override of autoSubscriptionCreation settings on a topic or namespace level.
Override of autoTopicCreation settings on a namespace level.
Override of autoTopicCreation settings on a namespace level.
Unit of a backlog quota configuration for a scoped resource in a Pulsar instance.
Identifier to a backlog quota configuration (an instance of BacklogQuota).
Enumeration type determines how to retain backlog against the resource shortages.
Pulsar Batch Source configuration.
Description of a BookKeeper's affinity group.
Description of a BookKeeper's affinity group.
Bookie information.
Bookie information.
Admin interface for bookies rack placement management.
Raw bookies information.
Raw bookies information.
The rack configuration map for bookies.
Definition of possible broker assignments.
Broker Information.
Broker Information.
Admin interface for brokers management.
Admin interface for brokers management.
Information about the broker status.
Information about the broker status.
Holder for bundles.
Holder for bundles.
Admin interface for clusters management.
Statistics about compaction.
Basic information about a Pulsar connector.
Configuration of a consumer.
Consumer statistics.
Configuration of the producer inside the function.
Helper class for class instantiations and it also contains methods to work with schemas.
Definition of the delayed delivery policy.
Definition of the delayed delivery policy.
Dispatch rate.
Dispatch rate.
Class holding data in case of error responses.
Exception information.
Configuration of Pulsar Function.
Definition of possible processing guarantees.
Definition of possible runtime environments.
Basic information about a Pulsar function.
Admin interface for function management.
Function state.
Data lass containing status of Pulsar Function.
Function instance status.
Function instance status data.
Inactive topic deletion mode.
Definition of the inactive topic policy.
Internal configuration data.
Response defining if a schema is compatible with existing topic's schema.
This class represents the overall load of the broker - it includes overall SystemResourceUsage and Bundle-usage.
Status of long running process.
Status code.
This is an interface class to allow using command line tool to quickly lookup the broker serving the topic.
ManagedLedger internal statistics.
Pulsar cursor statistics.
Ledger information.
WARNING : do not add any getters as the Jackson parser will output that getter.
Implementation of min available policy.
Information about the namespace's ownership.
Admin interface for namespaces management.
Statistics for a non-persistent partitioned topic.
Non-persistent publisher statistics.
Statistics for a non-persistent replicator.
Statistics for subscription to non-persistent topics.
since 2.0.
Statistics for a non-persistent topic.
interface class of Status of offload process.
Package metadata.
Administration operations of the packages management service.
Packages management related exceptions.
PackageType used to identify the package type.
Internal statistics for a partitioned topic.
Metadata of a partitioned topic.
Statistics for a partitioned topic.
Configuration of bookkeeper persistence policies.
Persistent topic internal statistics.
Definition of Pulsar policies.
Payload with information about a schema.
Configuration of the producer inside the function.
Admin interface for proxy stats management.
Statistics about a publisher.
Publish-rate to manage publish throttling.
Builder class for a PulsarAdmin instance.
Pulsar admin exceptions.
Conflict Exception.
Connect Exception.
Getting Authentication Data Exception.
Http Error Exception.
Not Allowed Exception.
Not Authorized Exception.
Not Found Exception.
Precondition Failed Exception.
Server Side Error Exception.
Timeout Exception.
Bookie information.
Statistics about a replicator.
Admin interface for ResourceGroups management.
Resource quota for a namespace or namespace bundle.
Admin interface on interacting with resource quotas.
Class representing resources, such as CPU, RAM, and disk size.
POJO used to represent any system specific resource usage this is the format that load manager expects it in.
Definition of the retention policy.
Strategy to use when checking an auto-updated schema for compatibility to the current schema.
Pulsar Schema compatibility strategy.
Admin interface on interacting with schemas.
For backwards compatibility purposes.
in favor of Sinks
Configuration of Pulsar Sink.
Admin interface for Sink management.
Status of Pulsar Sink.
Status of a Sink instance.
Status data of a Sink instance.
in favor of Sources
Pulsar source configuration.
Admin interface for Source management.
Source status.
Source instance status.
Source instance status data.
Information about subscription rate.
Subscription authorization for Pulsar policies.
Statistics about subscription.
Admin interface for tenants management.
Enumeration showing if a topic is persistent.
Admin interface for topic policies management.
Admin interface for Topics management.
Statistics for a Pulsar topic.
Topic types -- partitioned or non-partitioned.
Transaction coordinator information.
Transaction coordinator internal stats.
Transaction coordinator stats.
Transaction coordinator status.
Transaction log stats.
Transaction pending ack internal stats.
Configuration of a windowing function.
This is a semantic option that windows can provide, forcing the semantics of the FunctionConfig.ProcessingGuarantees to be equal to MANUAL, and then letting the windows function handle the semantic timing by itself.
Admin interface for worker stats management.
Data class holding statistics about a function.
Worker information.