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How to set up a tenant

Pulsar is a powerful messaging system you can use to process and route high volumes of data. Each tenant provides a distinct unit of isolation with its own set of roles, permissions, configuration settings, and bookmarks.

In this tutorial, you will create a new tenant, named "apache" in your Pulsar cluster, hosted in K8s helm.

To create a tenant:

  1. Enter the toolset container.

    kubectl exec -it -n pulsar pulsar-mini-toolset-0 -- /bin/bash
  2. In the toolset container, create a tenant named apache.

    bin/pulsar-admin tenants create apache
  3. List the tenants to see if the tenant is created successfully.

    bin/pulsar-admin tenants list

    You should see a similar output as below.

    The tenant apache has been successfully created.